Chapter 90

We stay at the house for awhile before me and Harry decide to go back to my place. We drop off Zayn and Niall before finally getting home.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” Harry asks. “I’m not tired and I don’t think that your Aunt Jane is here.”

“Yeah sure. Just let me get changes first,” I tell him as I go into my bedroom. I change into a pair of his sweatpants and one of my countless Hallahan tee shirts and go out into the living room. I see a bowl of popcorn and two cups of water on the coffee table. “Did you do all of this?”

“Yeah. Of course I did,” he says as he pats the spot next to him on the couch. I walk over to where he is on the couch and take the seat. I rest my head on his shoulder and he places his on top of mine. “What movie do you want to watch?”

“I haven’t seen Monsters Inc. in awhile. Can we watch that?”

“We can watch whatever you want to watch,” he says as he gets up off the couch and I fall on the couch.

“Ouch!” I say as I start to laugh. Harry laughs as he puts the movie in and rejoins me on the couch.

“You know what I need to do?” I ask him.

“Get a comfy couch,” Harry says as he starts to worm around on the couch.

“No you jerk. I need to g et your Christmas present.”

“Oh yeah that might be a good idea. Do you know what we are doing on Christmas?”

“Well I was kind of think that we could spend Christmas Eve here and sleep over the in the afternoon we could go and see your family,” I tell him.

“Okay sounds good to me,” he says as we continue to watch the movie. I must of fallen asleep because I wake up in my bed next to Harry.

“Wake up babe,” I say as I begins to play with his hair.

“Five more minutes. Please,” he says as he rolls over in bed.

“No Harry you have to get up. I have a busy day and I need you to help me,” I tell him.

“What are you doing?”

“Well first I would like for you to take me to over to your place and I can go to the mall with Louis to find your Christmas present. Then me and you are going to dinner with Betty and Niall before Betty has to leave. And finally, I’m have a movie night with Zayn.”

“Well you really do have a busy day ahead of you don’t you?” he says as he sits up in bed.

“Yes. Which is exactly why I need you.”

” Well since you put it that way,” Harry says as he gets out of bed and goes over to the dresser. He puts on a plain white tee shirt and a pair of jeans. “Are you going to get up and get ready?”

“Yes I’m getting up now,” I say as I get out of bed and go over to the closet and put on A simple blue button up shirt And a pair of jeans. We walk out into the living room and see that the house is still empty so we just leave and go over to Harry and Louis’.

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Ask Anna and Betty and I questions and we’ll make a video answering them!!

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Memo: Please Don’t Kill Me

I will not be posting for like a week. I’m going to Wildwood, NJ and I will not be bringing my laptop. I’m sorry. Please don’t kill me. I will try and post a chapter tonight before I leave but I’m going over to Betty’s.

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Chapter 89

     We go out into the living room and see everyone sitting around. Once again I feel bad for Zayn. I see Betty with Niall, Kelly with Liam and I’m with Harry. I over to where he is siting on the floor and sit next to him.

     ”Do you want to have the Harry Potter movie night tomorrow?” I ask him.

     I see his face light up when I bring up the Harry Potter night, “Of course. What time do you want me to come over?”

     ”How’s eight?”

     ”Perfect,” he says. 

     I look over at Betty and Niall and see them cuddling together on the sofa, “Elizabeth, do you want to have dinner with me and Harry tomorrow? You can bring a date.”

     ”Yeah sure. It will be my last night. Who should I bring?” she says and Niall’s face is priceless.

     ”I don’t know, but someone hot.”

     ”I guess Niall will have to do,” she says as she gives Niall a kiss on the cheek. I’m really happy for Betty. Niall is Betty’s first real boyfriend and I know that she is happy. I’m just happy that her first real boyfriend is a guy that I love and is actually friends with. Niall is amazing. He isn’t trying to push Betty into anything that she doesn’t want to do. I know that Betty wants him to cuddle and I know that he just wants to respect her. They are most definitely the worlds cutest couple and I love them both.

     I then look over at Liam and Kelly. They are both so long but they are really happy. I know that Kelly is nervous and I understand why. I almost had a nervous breakdown when Harry asked me to marry him. I would of exploded if I was pregnant. But Kelly has a great guy. Liam is the best. He is always there for her and I know that he will always be there for her. 

     Then there is Eleanor and Louis. I’m so happy that I got to meet then both. Eleanor has become one of my girls that I tell everything to. She is also the one that I go to if something is bothering me with Harry and him being famous. She knows how everything is. She has gotten so much hate from the fans that it really isn’t fair. I feel like I should be getting all the hate not her. She is perfect for Louis. Aah Louis! I love this kid. Louis is my best guy friend. He is always caring about me. I know that he doesn’t car about me because I’m dating Harry, he cares about me because of me.

     Zayn. What can I say about him? He is a wonderful guy. I can always call him if I need to hang-out with someone and and not have to worry about them leaving me for their boyfriend or girlfriend. I can always count on him if I just need someone to talk to. He is just like Sean. He listen to what’s going on and doesn’t care about what I say or who I say it about. 

     Finally, there is Harry. I love him so much. I don’t know what my life was like without him. He always keep me on my toes. Granted we fight like cats and dogs but we are always okay in the end. I don’t know how we do it, but we do. He really is the perfect guy for me. I’m so happy that he is my first boyfriend.

     ”Sara, what are you doing?” Niall asks with a laugh.

     ”Nothing, I was just think about everyone,” I say.

     ”What were you thinking?” Liam asks.

     ”Just about how much you guys have impacted me in only six months.”

     ”Aww Sara!” Louis says as everyone attacks me all at once.

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Chapter 88

     I go back into the living room and sit next to Sean. “Everything alright?”

     ”Yeah. Harry’s just being stupid,” I tell him as my dad and mother walk in. 

     ”Who is this?” my dad asks.

     ”Dad this is Sean. He’s Aunt Jane’s boss’s son,” I tell him. Sean stands up and shakes my dad’s hand.

     ”Very nice to meet you sir,” he tells my dad.

     ”And you too,” my dad says. “Me, your mom, Aunt Jane and Eddy are going out for dinner. So I will see you tomorrow,” he tells me as he beds down to give me a good-bye kiss. 

     ”Alrighty,” I say as they leave. 

     ”Do you like your mum?” Sean asks me when we hear the door close.

     ”Why would you ask that?”

     ”You don’t seem like you do. You didn’t say good-bye to her when they left and she looks at you like she is sorry for something,” Sean says.

     ”It’s a long story,” I say as I look down at my hands.

     ”I have all the time in the world.” I spend the next hour telling Sean the whole story. He is a good listener and didn’t interrupt me at all. “So is everything okay?”

     ”I don’t know. I really want to trust her for my dad but I just can’t. She really hurt me with what she said. Then the whole Harry thing,” I say.

     ”Well she is your mum, but it’s understandable about why your scared to let her back into your life.”

     ”Yeah I know.”

     ”But do you think that Harry asked to marry him because of your mum?” he asks.

     ”No. He said that he had the ring and was going to do it after Christmas.”

     ”Is he still going to ask you?”

     ”I don’t know. With everything that’s going on I hope he doesn’t,” I tell him.

     ”Why? Don’t you love him?”

     ”Yeah, I love him with all of my heart. But there is just so much going on right now. Kelly and Liam are having a baby. Louis and Eleanor just got engaged. Niall and Betty are… Niall and Betty. I don’t even know what’s going on with Zayn. Plus my parents,” I say. “I don’t think I could handle planning a wedding.”

     ”Yeah I just your right. I kind of feel bad for Zayn. He’s the only one without a girl.”

     ”Yeah I know. But to be honest, I think he likes it that way. He sees what me and Harry go through and I don’t think he wants one,” I say.

     ”You and Harry aren’t that bad. You have got to be the best girlfriend ever,” Sean says as his phone starts to ring. “Give me a minute.” He walks into the kitchen as he answers the phone. He comes back in five minutes and sits down again. “My dad is sending the driver to come and get me. Do you want a ride to Liam’s?”

     ”Yeah, that would be nice,” I say as I get up and go into my bedroom to get my bag and a jacket. I walk back out and sit next to Sean on the love seat. “Your a great guy, Sean.”


     ”Yeah. You have become one of my good friends. Granted my boyfriend doesn’t like you, but I do,” I tell him.

     ”I kind of hoped that Harry would like me.”

     ”It’s because of when we broke up and me and you went out,” I tell him.

     ”Oh. Understandable,” he says as a car horn beeps outside. “That’s for us. Ready to go?”

     ”Yup,” I say as I get up off the love seat. We walk to the front door and I lock it. Sean opens the door for me and we both get in. He tells the driver that we are dropping me off at Liam’s house first. It doesn’t take that long for us to get to Liam’s. Pretty soon I’m going to have to say Liam and Kelly’s. “Thanks.”

     ”Anytime. We need to hang-out more,” he says as I get out of the car.

     ”Totally,” I say before I close the door and walk up to the front door. I knock and Kelly opens the door.

     ”Sara! Finally. Your boyfriend is moping around the house,” she says as I walk in.

     ”Where is he?”

     ”The nursery. They are painting it green. Well trying to paint it,” she says. I walk in and head right to the nursery. The boys are all in there blasting music. Zayn and Niall are dancing while Liam tries to get them to stop. Harry is just standing in the corner painting the wall. 

     ”Hey guys. What’s up?”

     They all stop what they are doing, except Harry. Liam goes over to the stereo and turns the music off. “Boys lets go and… um… get some drinks,” Liam says as he starts to walk to the door and all the boys follow. “All but Harry.”

     They leave and Zayn closes the door behind him. “So your painting?”

     ”Yeah. They don’t even know what the baby is,” Harry says.

     ”Yeah well that’s just Liam I guess.”

     ”Yeah. How’s Sean?” he asks.

     ”He’s good. He gets weak sometimes but he will be okay,” I tell him.


     ”Are you mad?”

     ”No,” he says.

     ”They what are you?”


     ”Really? About what?” I ask.

     ”You blew me off to hang-out with him. I’m your boyfriend.”

     ”And he is my friend. I can’t spend all of my time with you. I do have friends,” I tell him.

     ”Yeah and they are all here.”

     ”No they aren’t. Listen, I love you, but God Damn you have a temper,” I say.

     ”I have a temper? Really? It’s not my fault that you decide to hang-out with guys that are complete assholes that only want to take you away from me.”

     ”There it goes again. You always think that if I hang-out with Sean he is making a move on me. Do you want to know what we did? I told him everything that happened with my mom and with you. And he just sat there and listened to me,” I tell him.

     ”Why would you tell him that stuff?”

     ”Because he is my friend. I don’t think it is going through your thick head!”

     ”Trust me it went through!”

     ”Then why are you not getting it?” I ask him as my voice cracks.

     ”I just don’t trust him,” he says back.

     ”I just don’t understand you. You don’t trust me around him because we went to dinner once but you are perfectly okay with me hanging-out with one of the boys alone.”

     ”I trust my friends.”

     ”Then you need to get to know him because whether you like it or not, he is my friend,” I say.

     ”But I don’t like him.”

     ”You don’t know him. You never even gave him a chance. You saw me give him a kiss on the cheek because I was trying to make you jealous,” I say to him.

     ”Yeah and it worked. And now I don’t like him.”

     ”Don’t blame me because you don’t like him. I told you we were just friends and you still gave him the cold shoulder.”

     ”Fine then, if it means so much to you then I’ll talk to him,” he says.


     ”Sure. I just don’t feel like fighting about him anymore,” he says as he walks closer to me.

     ”Thank you,” I say as I fill the gap and wrap my arms around his neck.

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Chapter 87

     ”I’m just happy that my two favorite girls are talking again,” my dad says with a smile.

     ”Yeah,” I say with a fake smile as the door opens.

     ”Sara Elizabeth! I need a second date,” Zayn yells as he enters the door.

     ”Zayn your here!” I yell as I turn around and run over to Zayn.

     ”Yeah. But on a serious note, we need to have a real Harry Potter movie night,” Zayn says as we walk back over to Harry, my dad and my mother.

     ”Totally. Maybe this time Harry won’t be sick and I don’t have to go to the hospital,” I say.

     ”You didn’t have to go to the hospital,” Harry says as he puts his arm around my waist.

     ”Thanks babe. Where are Louis and Eleanor?”

     ”They are parking the car,” Zayn says. “They couldn’t find a parking spot. I think they went to park it back at your flat.”

     ”Okay. I still have my car,” Harry says.

     ”Okay. Sounds good,” Zayn says as the front door opens again and Louis and Eleanor come in. “The happy couple.”

     ”Does he know?” I ask.

     ”Yeah we told him when we got to the house,” Louis says.

     ”Know what?” my dad asks as he walks up behind me and Harry.

     ”Louis and Eleanor are getting married,” I say as I turn around to face him.

     ”Congrats. This is a very fun time in your life,” my dad tells them as he gives Louis a hand shake and Eleanor a hug.

     ”Thank you,” they both tell my dad.

     ”Who’s the maid-of-honor and the best man?” my dad asks.

     ”Sara and Harry,” Zayn says. “I’m a bit upset that it’s not me but whatever,” he says with a laugh.

     ”I’m the favorite,” Harry says with his cheeky smile.

     ”Larry Stylinson!” Zayn yells and goes into the kitchen. We all start to laugh and follow him. I go over to the counter and sit down. Zayn walks over and leans over the bottom counter to reach the top counter where I was. “What can I get for you, love?”

     ”I would like some mint chocolate chip ice cream,” I say.

     ”It’s winter,” Louis says.

     ”That’s the best time to have ice cream.”

     ”I totally agree. This is why I love you,” Harry says as he sits at the counter next me and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Zayn puts a bowl of ice cream in front of me with a spoon and I start to eat my ice cream. My mother comes and in and looks at what I’m eating.

     ”Now Sara, you didn’t eat dinner yet,” she says to me.

     ”Yeah I know.”

     ”Do you want me to make you something?”

     ”No,” I tell her. I understand that she is trying to be my mother again, but I don’t need her nor want her. “You can cook for dad and Aunt Jane but I’m fine.”

     ”Okay. Tomorrow I want to have a family dinner.”

     ”Um… Me and Harry have plans with Betty and Niall,” I tell her.

     ”We do?” Harry asks.

     ”Yeah. She texted me last night,” I lie to him. Now I have to text Betty and tell her that we are going to dinner tomorrow night.

     ”Okay, that’s fine,” she says as she leaves the kitchen.

     ”We don’t really have plans with Betty and Niall, do we?” Harry asks.

     ”No. I’m going to text her and tell her soon,” I tell him as I continue to eat my ice cream. I give the last amount to Harry and Zayn takes my bowl and puts it in the sink. 

     ”Only you. I swear,” Harry says as he shakes his heads and laugh.

     ”What? I don’t want her to poison my food and I die.”

     ”Do you really think she will do that?” Harry asks as the doorbell rings.

     ”You never know,” I say as I get up to answer the door. 

     I open it up and see Sean standing there. I can’t believe he is okay. I run out the door and give him a hug. “Your okay.”

     ”Yeah. I get a little weak, but I’m fine,” he says.

     ”Come inside,” I say as I lead him inside. I bring him into the living room and sit him on the love seat. My dad and mother are in the backyard for some reason so we are alone. “When did you get out.

     ”I got out two days ago. Today was the first day that I was aloud to leave my house. My dad had a driver drive me here,” he says.

     ”I’m sorry I only came to visit you once in the hospital. There was just a lot going on with me.” 

     ”It’s okay. Are you alright?”

     ”Yeah it was just some stuff with me and Harry,” I tell him.

     ”What about Harry?” Harry asks as he comes into the living room.

     ”Nothing,” I say.

     ”Hey Sean,” Harry says and I can tell that he is getting angry.

     ”Hey Harry. What’s up?”

     ”Nothing,” he says and then looks at me. “We were going over to Liam’s place to help with the nursery. Do you want to come?”

     ”I don’t know. Sean just got here,” I tell him.

     ”Fine. Come over whenever he leaves then,” Harry says in an attitude. Great! He walks away and heads for the front door where everyone else is.

     ”I’ll be right back,” I tell Sean as I get up and walk over to the front door. I grab Harry’s arm before he goes outside to join everyone. “What was that about?”


     ”He didn’t do anything to you,” I tell him.

     ”He tried to take you away from me.”


     ”When you two go on dates,” Harry says while he is getting mad.

     ”First of all, we never went out on a date. Second of all, He just got out of the hospital. And finally I love you,” I tell him.

     ”Yeah sure,” he says as he leaves to flat. 

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Chapter 86

     I jump up off the couch and run over to Eleanor and Louis, “OH my God! I’m so happy for you guys! This is amazing! Let me see the ring!”

     ”I know! I’m really excited, but I also wanted to ask you something,” Eleanor saysas she holds out her hand. The ring is perfect. I love everything about it and I can tell she does to ( 

     ”And I wanted to ask you something,” Louis says looking at Harry.

     ”Anything,” I say.

     ”Yeah what?” Harry says.

     ”We were thinking that you will be my maid of honor and Harry would be Louis’ best man,” Eleanor says.

     ”I would be honored to be your maid of honor.”

     ”Of course, Lou,” Harry says as he stands up and gives Louis a hug. We talk for a little bit longer and find out that Louis didn’t really have the thing planned out. They came home and he just popped the question. I guess that is why Eleanor loves Louis. He is crazy and does crazy things like this. “Did you tell any of the other boys?”

     ”No. You two are the first,” Louis says.

     ”I feel special,” I say with a big smile.

     ”Your special in your own little way, Sara,” Louis says.

     ”I know,” I say and everyone laughs. We hang out for a little bit before Harry suggest that we go back to my place and face my fears. “But I don’t too. Can’t I just stay here forever.”

     ”As much as we will all love that,” Eleanor says, “you have to talk to your dad.”

     ”But I bet you ten to one she will be there,” I say as Harry pulls me off the couch.

     ”Fine, then we will come. I’m going to call Zayn and tell him to get dressed,” Louis says as he walks out of the living room to call. He comes back in ten minutes and tells us that Zayn is getting ready now. 

     ”Okay. Me and Sara will walk back, while you two go and pick up Zayn,” Harry says.

     ”Wait you two walked here?” Eleanor asks.

     ”I kind of stormed out of the house and Harry followed with a jacket,” I say.

     ”Oh great. Trying to get sick?” Louis says.

     ”No. I just wasn’t thinking.”

     ”Well I want you to think from now on. Your not allowed to get sick,” Louis says.

     ”Okay,” I say with a laugh as I put on my jacket. We all leave and me and Harry start to walk back to my place. The walk seems so much longer knowing what is waiting for me at home. 

     ”Are you okay?” Harry asks as we walk down the street. I can hear people behind us and I guess that it’s the paparazzi.

     ”I’m just worried about what’s waiting for me,” I tell him.

     He stops in and pulls me toward him, “Everything i going to be okay because I’m going to be there.” He pulls me in for a little kiss, “And Eleanor and Louis and Zayn are going to be there too.”

     We start to laugh and continue to walk again. We get to my place in five minutes and I stop at the door. Harry grabs the door handle and opens the door. We enter but we don’t wonder far from the front door. After about a minute or two I get enough courage to go into the living room. She is already there and this makes me mad for some reason. She looks up and sees me and a big smile comes across her face. She looks over and sees Harry and the smile disappears.

     ”Sara, would you like to join us?” she asks.

     ”No. I just have to say something,”I start. “I love you, but that’s only because you are my mother. You raised me and you took care of me. But I have lost all respect for you. You have shown me the real you in this past month. You have said things that a mother should never say to their child. You have broken my family even more and tried to take the only good thing out of my life. So, I love you as a mother but other than that your nothing.”

     ”I understand what I have done to you and your father. I tried to take Harry away from you and I know that he makes you happy. I see that now. I will always be sorry about what I have told you and I don’t expect you to forgive me. I’m just happy that you talked to me,” she says.

     ”I’m doing this for my dad,” I say.

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Quick Memo

I just want to say thank you to everyone that reads my fanfic. It still shocks me that after 85 chapters you guys still love to read it. I love each and everyone of you! You are amazing people and never change! xxSara

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Chapter 85

     I haven’t woken up like this in a long time. It almost scares me when I wake up to find a naked Harry staring at me. He tucked a piece of my hair behind my ear and gave me a sweet good morning kiss. 

     ”Good morning,” Harry says.

     ”Morning,” I say. “I think I’m going to get into the shower. Wanna come?”

     ”Of course,” he says as he gets out of bed and runs into the bathroom. I get out of bed and bring the sheet with me into the bathroom. Harry already has the shower running and I get in with him.


     We get out of the shower and I put on Harry puts on a dark maroon colored sweater and a pair with jeans. We go out into the living room and I see my dad sitting on the couch and a big smile comes across my face. Then I realize that if he is here then she is too. “Remember that you are doing this for him.”

     I look over at Harry and smile at how great he is. He is the only person that has kept me calm whenever she is around. I love him for that.  We walk into the living room and I sit on the love seat with Harry. Aunt Jane comes in from the kitchen with a mug of coffee and takes a dit on the couch next to my dad. 

     ”She isn’t here,” Aunt Jane says.

     ”Thank God. Why did you bring her?” I ask my dad.

     ”She wanted to see her daughter on Christmas. I didn’t know that was crime for a mother to care about her daughter.”

     ”The only thing she cares about is herself,” I say.

     ”I don’t understand why you are acting like this. She said she was sorry and you still don’t forgive her.”

     ”Did you not hear what she said to me. What she said to us! She told me that she didn’t even want kids. She told me I was a mistake. Do you know what that does to someone?” I say.

     ”Sara, calm down,” my dad says.

     ”No! She is coming back into my life to ruin it all over again. I’m not going to stand around while she ruins my life and yours,” I say as I stand up and leave the flat. I hear the door open and close again and a jacket being put on my shoulder.

     ”That was a bad idea,” Harry says as he grabs my hand.

     ”What was a bad idea?”

     ”To leave the flat without a jacket. It’s cold out here,” he says with a smile. “Where are we going?”

     ”I don’t know.”

     ”Okay. Then lets walk to mine and Louis’,” Harry says as he starts to leand the way to his flat.

     It takes us ten minutes to walk to Harry and Louis’ flat. We walk in and hear laughing coming from the kitchen. We go into the kitchen and see that Louis and Eleanor are in the middle of a food fight. Louis has flour and egg all over him and Eleanor has shredded cheese stuck in her hair and flour covering her body. They stop laughing when they see us and just smile.

     ”It looks like you two are having fun,” Harry says.

     ”Yeah. Why are you two home already?” Louis asks.

     ”How about you two take a shower before we tell you what happened,” I say.

     ”That’s a good idea,” Louis says as he picks Eleanor up bridal style and carries her into his room.

     ”How about we clean us the kitchen,” Harry says.

     ”Good idea,” I say as we begin to clean. There is flour and egg and cheese everywhere. Harry grabs a broom and tries to sweep up what is on the ground while I start to wipe down the counters, the stove, the sink, and the fridge. It takes us half and hour to clean the kitchen completely. “We are never having a food fight.”

     ”We can and have Louis and Eleanor clean it up,” Harry says.

     ”True,” I say as we walk into the living room and sit on the couch. We wait for ten minutes before they come out and join us. “Thank you for finally joining us.”

     ”Well we have something to tell yous,” Eleanor says. “But first tell us what happened.”

     ”Okay. Well its nothing big. Sara just got into a fight with her dad about her mom this morning,” Harry says. “What is your news?”

     ”Are you sure everything is okay?” Louis asks.

     ”Yeah it’s my dad. I will go home and everything will be fine,” I say. “Now what the news?”

      Eleanor looks at Louis and a big smile comes across both their faces. She looks at me and Harry and says, “We are getting married!”

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Chapter 84

     I finally calm down when I hear the front door open. I hear Kelly and then I hear Zayn. Harry lets me go and I get off of my bed. We go out into the living room and and see everyone. 

     ”Hello, love,” Louis says. “We came to check on you.”

     I feel tears in my eyes again and run over to Louis and give him a hug. Soon everyone joins in and turns it into a group hug. We all finally break apart and I have a big smile on my face. I look into the living room and see that it is empty. “Where is everyone?”

     ”Your Aunt Jane went over to Eddy’s to get him. Something happened to his car. Your mom and dad went to their hotel and said that they will be back tomorrow,” Kelly tells me.

     ”Great,” I say.

     ”Do you want to come out to dinner with us?” Zayn asks. “You can have two dates, me and Harry.” 

     ”Sweet,” I say as I turn around and walk into my room to get changed. Harry follows to change his shirt because it has wet spots from my tears. I go over to my closet and put on Harry changes his tee shirt to a button up real quick and waits for me to get done. When I’m finally done we go out into the living room and everyone gets up to leave. We go out and get into the cars and drive to the same dinner that me and Harry were just at that morning. We all sit down and start to talk. 

     ”So babe, what are we doing tonight?” Zayn says as he puts his arm around me.

     ”I was planing on going home and going to sleep,” I say.

     ”Oh babe,” Zayn says and puts on a frown on his face. I smile at how cute Zayn is being.

     ”Can I sleepover tonight?” Harry asks.

     ”I don’t know. What about Zayn?” I whisper to Harry. 

     ”He can sleep on the couch,” Harry says. We all laugh and Harry and Zayn started to have a playful fight. Our food comes and everyone eats. When we are done, the boys pay and we leave. We all go back to my place and we chill in the living room. Louis and Eleanor are the first to leave to go back to Louis’ flat. The boys decided to go and play in the snow in the backyard so I went over to Betty.

     ”So have you talked to Niall about the cuddling thing?” I ask her.

     ”Yeah you need to get on that,” Kelly says.

     ”Guys, I know. I don’t how to start it off,” Betty says.

     ”Just cuddle with him when you guys are in bed. Do you guys even say I love you to each other?” Kelly asks.

     ”No. I don’t want to be the first to bring it up.”

     ”Oh Betty! You need to make some process before you go back home. When do you leave?” I ask.

     ”I know. I leave in like two days,” she says. 

     ”Oh my goodness!” I say as all the boys come back into the house soaked. “Harry Edward Styles if you love me you will go right into the bedroom and change your clothes.” Harry runs into my bedroom and closes the door.

     ”Niall we are leaving before Sara has a heart attack about you being soaked,” Betty says.

     ”Babe, how are we getting home?”

     ”I can take you,” Harry says as he comes out of my bedroom still putting on his shirt.

     ”Kel, what are we doing?” Liam asks Kelly.

     ”Your place. I still have to get comfortable there,” she says.

     ”Okay,” Liam says as he turns around and looks at Harry. “Can you take us home, too?”

     ”Sure. Sara do you want to join this party in my car?” Harry asks.

     ”Why not,” I say as I grab my purse and we all leave. We drop off Zayn first and he gives me a kiss on the cheek and tells me that he had fun on our date. Then we drop off Betty and Niall and finally Liam and Kelly.

     ”So, what do you want to do when we get back?” Harry asks.

     ”I was thinking sleep was a good idea,” I say.

     ”Okay,” Harry says. It doesn’t take that long for us to get back to my place from Liam’s flat. We pull into the driveway and see that Aunt Jane isn’t home yet with Eddy. I unlock the door and we go inside. 

     ”Do you want some water?” I ask him.


     ”Okay. I’m just going to bring in a water bottle because I never finish one,” I tell him.

     ”Okay,” he says as I grab the water bottle and we go into my bedroom. Harry removes his shirt and pants and just stands their in his boxers. He walks over to me and pins me up against the wall. He kisses my neck and then moves his way up to my lips. He lets my hands go and I run them through his curls. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. We are still leaning against the wall as he removes my shirt and continues to kiss me. He walks over to the bed and lays me down and takes off my pants. He leans over me and puts his hand around my back as we kiss. He lifts my body up and moves me to the top of the bed where we get underneath the blanket. 

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Chapter 83

     I sit on the couch in shock of what just happened. I hear music coming from Harry’s bedroom and it snaps me out of it. I get up off the couch and walk over to Harry’s bedroom. I go in and see him laying on his bed face down. I walk over to his stereo and turn off the music. 

     ”What the hell just happened?” I say as he sits up on the bed and looks at me.

     ”I don’t know,” he says.

     ”Did we break-up?”

     ”I don’t know,” he says as he gets out of bed and walks over to the bottom and leans against it.

     ”You can’t keep saying I don’t know.”

     ”Well you don’t like to fight so,” he says.

     ”Your right. I don’t . It drains me. It makes this relationship feel like a burden.”

     ”So we will stop fighting,” he says with a smile.

     ”If only it was that simple,” I say.

     ”I love you.”

     ”I know,” I say, “I love you too but I cant stay in this relationship if we are going to fight the whole time.”

     ”Can’t we try.”

     ”I don’t know,” I say as I feel my phone vibrate. I pull it out of my back pocket and see that Aunt Jane texted me telling me to come home now. “I actually have to go home. You can come if you want to.”

     ”As your boyfriend or your friend?”

     ”As Harry,” I say as I leave his bedroom. I hear him following me. I go into the living room and grab my bags while Harry gets the car keys. Thank God it doesn’t take long for us to drive to my place.

     ”Did Eddy get a new car?” Harry asks as we pullover to the side of the rode because there was already two cars in the driveway.

     ”Not that I know of,” I say as I get out of the car. Harry grabs my bags and hands to me before we enter into the flat. He goes in first and goes into the living room. I walk behind him but go into my bedroom to put my bags away. I don’t want Aunt Jane and Eddy to see what I got them. I hide them away in my closet and walk out into the living room. Harry is blocking my view inside so I push him over and look inside to see Aunt Jane, my dad and my mother.

     ”Hey, baby girl,” my dad says and it puts a smile on my face for a moment.

     ”Hello sweety,” my mother says and the smile goes away.

     ”What are you guys doing here? Oh and don’t call me sweety.”

     ”We can for Christmas,” my dad says.

     ”And you ALL had to come? I would of been fine with just you,” I say.

     ”Sara,” Harry whispers as he puts his arm around my waist to calm me down.

     ”No. I said I would tolerate her. I didn’t want her to come to Christmas,” I say as Harry grabs my waist and pulls me into my bedroom. He closes the door behind him and leans against it. “Why did you do that?”

     ”You can’t say that. I get it, she isn’t your favorite person but she’s your mum and your dad loves her. You have to do it for him,” Harry tells me and he is right. I need to do it for him.

     ”I hate that your right.”

     ”Sara, I’m always right,” He says with a smile.

     ”Debatable,” I say with a laugh and sit on my bed. Harry walks over and joins me. 

     ”Are you okay?” 

     ”I don’t know. But all I want is for you to hold me and tell me that everything is going to be okay,” I say as tears start to come down my face. Harry pulls me onto his lap and we move more in on my bed. I don’t know why I’m crying. Maybe its from all the stress from me and Harry or maybe it’s my dad, but one thing is for sure. I love being in his arms again.

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Chapter 82

     We get done with breakfast and head out to the car. We get in and drive over to the mall to finally go Christmas shopping. We go inside and I can tell that this going to be a long day. I don’t have anyone done and going with Harry is going to be hard too. We go into a place when they engrave items and I thought of Aunt Jane and my dad. I get Aunt Jane a photo book that they are going to engrave “To the person that has changed my life for the better. I love you with all my heart ~Sara.” I thought it was perfect for her. For my dad I got a glass globe that I engraved “No matter how far away or how old I get, I will always be your little girl. Love, Sara.” Harry gets his mom an engraved heart that has a little clock in it. It says, “A MOTHER holds her children’s hand for awhile and their hearts forever. We love you mom. Love, Harry and Gemma.” 

     ”You and Gemma give your parents the same gift?” I ask.

     ”Yeah. We got all the other gifts this weekend, but we couldn’t find anything for our mum. I really think she is going to love this though,” Harry says.

     ”That’s cute,” I say as we leave the store. We have to come back in two days to pick up the items. We go and walk around for awhile. I get Eddy a gift card to a video game store that he likes, I get the same thing for Liam, Zayn, and Niall. I get Eleanor a gift card to Topshop and Louis a gift card to Jack Wills. I buy Kelly her first pair of pregnancy pants, which me and Harry think is a great idea. I buy Betty a sweatshirt from Jack Wills because she has always wanted one. I decided that I will worry about the others when it’s get closer to seeing them. 

     When we finally get done it’s three in the afternoon. We got stopped a few times by fans that wanted to take pictures. I could tell that Harry was getting annoyed but he didn’t let the fans know. We finally get out of there and I put the bags into the back of the car and get in.

     ”Where to?” Harry asks.

     ”Your place. It will be quite so we can talk.”

     ”Gotcha,” Harry say and starts the car. It takes us thirty minutes to get to Harry and Louis’ flat. We get out and Harry grabs my bags from the back. He unlocks the door and the flat is empty. I go into the living room and sit on the couch. Harry puts my bags down and takes the sit next to me. I rest my head on his shoulder, “Tired?”

     ”Yeah,” I say. “So, I need to talk to you,” I say as I left my head from his shoulder and turn around to face him.

     ”Okay, go.”

    “I know that you love me and I love you, but sometimes it a little much. I know that you are just the worried boyfriend and I love that, but its to much sometimes. You are over protective of me,” I tell him.

     ”That’s all?” he says with a laugh.

     ”Harry this isn’t funny. Your to much sometimes.”

     ”Oh God. You had me worried all day, just for you to tell me that I care to much,” he says.


     ”You truly are something else. I’m sorry that I care for you?” he says.

     ”It’s not that you care. You take it a step further. All the time. Sometimes I feel like you don’t trust me. And if anyone has trust issues, it’s me with you,” I say.

     ”Really? We are going back to that.”

     ”What?” I ask.

     ”Every serious conversation that we have goes back to trust issues,” he says.

     ”I didn’t know that, that was a problem.”

     ”Well it is. I kind of hoped that you would trust me by now,” He says.

     ”Your wrong. Yeah I trust you a little but not like I did when we first started dating,” I say.

     ”I don’t know what to say anymore,” Harry says.

     ”I really didn’t want this to be a fight,” I say.

     ”Well look at what happened.”

     ”I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. We are perfectly fine when we don’t have serious conversations, but once I bring up something a fight breaks out,” I say.

     ”You need to trust me.” 

     ”You need to stop cheating and maybe I will,” I say.

     ”There we go again. The cheating comes back. I have told you that I’m sorry so many times and I feel like you just don’t listen to me,” Harry says.

     ”I do listen to you. But you did it again.”

     ”Fine then. Do you know what I think? I’m done fighting with you and I’m done having the same conversation over and over again.”

     ”So what does this mean?” I ask.

     ”I think I need a break. Now you can have all the alone time that you want,” Harry says as he gets up off the couch and goes into his bedroom.

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Chapter 81

     ”Babe wake up,” I hear. I open my eyes and see Harry at the side of my bed.

     ”What are you doing here?”

     ”I came home early and came over here first. Your Aunt Jane let me in,” he says as I sit up in bed. I look at the clock and see that it’s eight in the morning. “Get dressed. I want to go out to breakfast.”

     ”Harry I’m still tired. I just want to sleep.”

     ”Please,” he says with his puppy dog eyes.

     ”Fine. But don’t expect me to be happy about it,” I say as I get out of bed. Harry goes out into the living room as I go into the bathroom and do my normal routine. When I’m done I go out into my bedroom and go over to my closet and put on I close my bedroom door quietly so I don’t wake up Eleanor and walk out into the living room. “Okay, I’m ready.”

     We go outside and I see that it’s snowing. I can’t believe there is only a week until Christmas. I might need to start my Christmas shopping. That might be a good idea. We walk over to Harry’s Range Rover that is parked in my driveway and get in. I have to give Harry credit. We have been dating for six months and he stills acts like it’s our first date. He always get nervous. I can tell because his hands get sweaty and he doesn’t hold my hand. It’s quit funny. He gets in and starts the car. A Team by Ed Sheeran comes and he starts singing.

      “Why do you still get nervous when we go out together?” I ask.

     ”What? I don’t know what your talking about,” he says.

     ”Your hands get all sweaty and you don’t want to hold my hand,” I tell him. 

     ” I don’t know. I still get butterflies when I see you, too.”

     ”Me too,” I say as I lean back in the passenger seat and rest my head on the head rest. We listen to the radio for the rest of the time before we pull into the parking lot of a little dinner. We get out and go inside. It’s still snowing but not that hard. It’s so pretty. We get seated at a booth right next to the window.

     ”So. I was hoping that we could do some Christmas shopping today,” Harry says as he looks at the menu.

     ”I was actually just thinking that,” I say. “Then we need to talk, but I don’t want to do it here.”

     ”Is it something bad?” he asks as he puts down the menu and looks at my worried.

     ”No. I just want to talk about something. Don’t worry nothing is wrong, I just think the conversation should be done in private.”

     ”Okay,” he says as he starts to look at the menu again. The rest of the breakfast went by fine. We just talked. I never really realized how much I missed just talking to him. He always make me laugh and smile. It’s not like we were talking about anything important. He was just telling me what he did with his family. I told him about our girl’s night and then we started to make fun of Betty and Niall. “Have they even said the L word to each other?”

     ”I don’t know. But I can tell that she does,” I tell him.

     ”How? I need examples Ms. Nelson.”

     ”Well apparently Niall doesn’t cuddle with Betty in bed and she really wants him too. She also doesn’t want to go back to Philly until you guys leave for tour, but she has to go back for Christmas. Her mom will kill her if she doesn’t go back. I think her little sister will kill her,” I say with a laugh thinking of little Emily attacking Betty because she didn’t come home for Christmas.

     ”Yeah, well Niall just doesn’t want to pressure her,” Harry says. “I don’t know how cuddling would pressure her but it’s Niall.”

     ”Yeah true. He is the sweetest out all five of you,” I say.

     ”Thanks, babe. That makes me feel so nice,” He says.

     ”Oh well,” I say with a laugh.

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Chapter 80

     They are all at the flat within fifteen minutes. Kelly is the first one to walk in and she brings a bag full of laundry. Betty and Eleanor follow by her and they run over to me. 

     ”Hello stranger,” Eleanor says as she sits down on the couch next to me. “I thought you have left us.”

     ”I could never leave you El,” I say as a big smile comes across my face.

     ”Okay guys just forget that I’m here,” Betty says.

     ”How could we? You are something else, Elizabeth,” I say to Betty.

     ”Get out of my face. Haha,” says Betty as Kelly comes out of her bedroom. She has a little bump from the baby and looks really happy.

     ”God, I have missed this place. The only thing that Liam talks about is the baby and when the baby comes,” she says as she sits on the chair. “Don’t get me wrong I love him and the baby, but I want to talk about other things with him.”

     ”Okay, well do you try and talk to him about other things or do you just go along with him talking about the baby?” Betty asks.


     ”Well maybe you should try,” Eleanor says.

     ”I just want him to know,” Kelly says.

     ”Kel, he’s a 18,” I say.

     ”He’s going to be 19,” Kelly says.

     ”That doesn’t change anything,” Eleanor says as we all laugh. “He’s still a teenage boy.”

     ”Yeah. Ever since the incident back home, Niall is weird about laying in bed together. Do you know that he doesn’t even cuddle with me at night,” Betty says.

     ”That sucks. You want your boyfriend to be closer with you. Whereas, I needed to take a break from Harry. He is just always there,” I say.

     ”Yeah but your going to miss him like crazy when they go away on tour,” Eleanor says. 

     ”Yeah I know,” I say.

     ”I really don’t want to go back to Philly. I will go back when they leave for tour. I just don’t want to leave him,” Betty says.

     ”You can stay in my room. I’m moving into Liam’s soon anyway,” Kelly says.

     ”Oh that’s right. Kel I can’t believe your having a baby,” Betty says.

     ”Remember when we were in high school and Kelly was talking about teen marriage and how they are ‘in’,” I say.

     ”What does that mean?” Eleanor asks.

     ”Teens are getting married more,” Kelly says.

     ”Yeah look at Sara and Harry,” Betty says.

     ”Hey! That’s not fair. We aren’t even getting married,” I say.

     ”You were going to,” Eleanor says. “Do you know what you two did to us? I thought we were all going to have a heart attack. Can you imagine if Paul was in? He would of killed him.”

     ”Yeah well that’s Harry. I just can’t believe he had a ring already,” I say.

     ”Yeah that’s the part that got me,” Eleanor says.

     ”Well that obviously means that he was planning it before hand,” Betty says.

     ”Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about that,” I say.

     ”I don’t know how I feel about that either,” Kelly says. “I’m pregnant and Liam still hasn’t asked me to marry him.”

     ”Ugh! Why do boys have to be so complicated,” I say.

     ”Well I can’t boy,” Betty says. We all start to laugh except for Eleanor who looks confused at the three of us. “When we were in high school, I was have boy issues so I just said that I don’t know how to boy. It just stuck.”

     ”Oh okay. It makes sense now. I just thought that you three were losing your minds,” Eleanor says.

     ”Yeah right. I lost my mind years ago,” I tell them.

     ”We already new that,” Kelly says with a laugh. 

     ”Thanks, Kel. I love you too,” I say as I get up off the couch and go into the kitchen. 

     ”You know I love you. Do you have any food? I’m starving,” Kelly yells back.

     ”No. We can order food if you guys want,” I say.

     They all yell back yes and I pull out a menu. I also grab myself a bottle of water and go into the living room. I give Kelly the menu and take my seat back next to Eleanor. 

     ”Can we get a pizza?” Kelly asks.

     ”Sure. What kind?” I ask.

     ”I don’t care,” Kelly says.

     ”Okay,” I say. I grab my phone and dial the number. I get one cheese and one half sausage and half pepperoni. “They should be here in half an hour.”

     ”Good because I’m starving,” Kelly says.

     ”Your always starving,” Betty says and we all laugh.

     ”Can we watch a movie?” Eleanor asks.

     ”Oh yeah! Can we watch Slumdog Millionaire?” Betty asks.

     ”You always want to watch that,” I tell her.

     ”I have never seen it,” Eleanor says.

     ”Oh that’s it! We have to watch it,” Betty says as she gets up off the couch and runs into the bedroom to get the movie. She comes back out and and pops it into the DVD player.  She comes back over to the couch and gets ready to watch the movie for the hundredth time. After awhile the doorbell rings and it’s the pizza. I pay the delivery man and bring the pizza back into the living room. 

     For the rest of the night we watch the movie, talk and eat pizza. At the end we all decided that we should go to bed. Me and Eleanor go into my room as Kelly and Betty go into Kelly’s room. I go into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth. I come out and Eleanor goes in. While she is getting ready fro bed I change into and throw my hair up into a bun. I get into bed and text Harry good night real quick before Eleanor comes out.

     ”Love the shirt,” Eleanor says as she comes out of the bathroom and gets into bed.

     ”Thanks,” I say.

     ”So do you want to tell me what is going on with you and Harry. You guys are perfect for each other, but you guys are always fighting,” Eleanor says.

     ”I don’t know. Things just always go weird. I love him and I think I always will. I tried to move on when we were broken-up but it just didn’t work. I spent the whole time thing of what Harry would do and comparing the person to Harry,” I say.

     ”Yeah I know. He always has a hard time when you two fight. I know that this being alone thing worries him because he keeps calling Louis and asking about you.”

      “That’s another thing that bugs the hell out of me. He is always worried about me. I know it’s because he cares but I feel like he cares to much,” I tell her.

     ”I think you two need to talk about this. He’s not going to know until you tell him,” Eleanor says.

     ”You right. I will tell him tomorrow, but right now I’m going to bed. Night,” I say as I roll over.

     ”Good night,” Eleanor says.

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Chapter 79

     I spend the next two days in my bedroom. Watching movies, listening to music, and going on twitter. I have gotten a lot of questions lately if I was alive because nobody has seen me. I tell them that I’m fine and that I just have a little cold. Harry is back home with his family and texts me constantly. He keeps asking me to come and see him and how his mom is worried about me. I don’t answer him and eventually turn off my phone. I love him but he can be a little pushy. I know that when he finally comes back we need to talk about everything. I really do hate fighting with him. It just makes thing hard. It’s different than if we were in a normal relationship because of the paparazzi and the fans. I love the fans and I don’t want to keep breaking-up with Harry then getting back together. It will drive then crazy. I don’t really care about the paparazzi, but they take the pictures that get back to the fans. I just don’t know what to do. I love Harry but sometimes things can be challenging with him being famous. I guess that’s what I signed up for when I started dating him. I keep forgetting that at one point I was going to marry him. Wow how things have changed. 

     ”Sweetheart, are you okay?” Aunt Jane asks as she pokes her head into my bedroom.

     ”Yeah, I’m fine.”

     ”Are you sure?” She asks as she walks into my bedroom. She must of just got home from work because she is wearing She goes over to my chair and sits down. “You haven’t been out of your bedroom for two days.”

     ”I just want to be alone,” I tell her.

     ”Is everything okay with you and Harry?”

     ”Yeah. Everything with us is okay,” I say.

     ”Well he keeps calling me and asking if your mad at him. Do you want to tell me something?” 

     ”I told him that I need time alone and that I didn’t know what I wanted out of life anymore. Then he got angry because when the incident happened last time I felt the same way. Then he started yelling at me and telling me to stop thinking it and move on. Like I was thinking this stuff on purpose.”

     ”I get where your coming from but I also understand where he is coming from. He just cares about you and doesn’t want anything to happen about you,” she tells me. 

     ”I know that he cares. I feel like he cares too much sometimes.”

     ”Sweetheart your worried that he cares too much?” she says with a laugh. “You really are something. Some girls can’t get their guys to care enough.”

     ”Aunt Jane! I’m being serious.”

     ”I know but you have a great guy. He cares for you more than you know. He keeps calling me and I think you should turn your phone back on,” she says. 

     ”I don’t know. I had my phone off for a day and I know that Harry is going crazy. My phone is going to explode,” I tell her as I pull out my phone and turn it on. It starts vibrating like crazy. 

     ”Okay, while your phone goes crazy lets get some food,” Aunt Jane says as we get up and go out into the kitchen. “Hey how about you have a girls’ night with Kelly, Betty and Eleanor?”

     ”Yeah I was think that. We really haven’t hung out that much,” I say.

     ”Yeah I know,” Aunt Jane says as she pulls out chicken from the fridge. 


     After we eat I go back into my bedroom and see that I have 36 missed calls and 68 messages all from Harry. I decide that I should call him and see what’s up.

     ”Hello. Are you okay?” Harry asks.

     ”I’m fine. There is nothing wrong.”

     ”Are you sure? I feel like what I said to you the other night was completely out of line. I didn’t mean to say that. I just care about you.”

     ”Harry I know. It’s fine,” I say.

     ”So we didn’t break-up?”

     ”No. I just wanted to be alone.”

     ”Okay. So are you coming out because my mum really wants to see you?” Harry asks.

     ”No. I’m going to have a girls’ night.”

     ”Ugh! Fine. I guess I will see you when I get home. I love you.”

     ”I love you too. Bye,” I say as I hang -up the phone. I text Kelly, Betty and Eleanor to come over for a mandatory girls’ night. 

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